Our history

After the eruption of the Arenal Volcano, in 1968, a local entrepreneur found the magic in a farm located on the slopes of the imposing Arenal Volcano. A farm where, years later, the idea of building a space for tourists visiting the area to enjoy nature from rooms whose design would be inspired by traditional local architecture would emerge. That idea was launched in 1998 and since then, we work every day with passion to create an unforgettable and sustainable holiday environment. Always attached to our values: passion, teamwork, respect and honesty.

Little by little, Lomas del Volcán has grown and today we have luxury bungalows and bungalows, a restaurant, a lobby bar and a small event room, a room temperature pool and a jacuzzi with tempered water; in addition to our Los Congos trail, ideal for venturing into the forest and observing the flora and fauna.