In Lomas del Volcán we believe that our work must always be in harmony with the environment and the community. Therefore, we have projects that allow us to have a positive impact.

What do we do?

  • We work to reduce and compensate our carbon footprint; we work to be a Carbon Neutrality company!.
  • Energy and water saving programs.
  • Solid waste management.
  • Our reforestation project on the Los Congos trail and vulnerable areas. Would you like to participate? We invite you to join us!.
  • We are part of the La Fortuna Electric Route.
  • We are signatories of the Code of Conduct for the protection of children and adolescents against commercial sexual exploitation associated with travel and tourism in Costa Rica.
  • We have the Certificate of Tourism Sustainability granted by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

How can it help us reduce our negative impact on the environment?

  • Avoid consuming products in plastic and stereo packaging.
  • Separate your waste.
  • Turn off the lights when you need them and disconnect the equipment when you are not using them.
  • Close the tube when bathing.
  • Join our reforestation project.
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